Claey's Root Beer Candy Drops - 10lb

Claey's Root Beer Candy Drops - 10lb
  • $45.99

Root beer flavored sugar-dusted old-fashioned hard candy drops!

91 pieces per pound (910 total)

Price per pound: $4.60

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We're rooting for these classic candies. That's because Claey's Root Beer Old-Fashioned Candy Drops are completely coated in crystally, crunchy sugar granules that will make your taste buds jump for joy. Beyond the saccharine coating, lies a delicious hard candy. They'll take you back to a warm, summer's day of sipping a refreshing root beer float. Stock up on some to add to root beer treats, add to a gift basket, or put out on the Thanksgiving table. Among root beer, Claey's favorite flavors include green apple, licorice, natural horehound, watermelon, lemon, and wild cherry. They'll look lovely in your coffee table candy dish or set out in a jar.

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91 pieces per pound (910 total)

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