Rum Taffy - 3lb

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65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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Rum taffy is sweet, chewy and completely alcohol free! This unique confection is packed with classic rum flavor. You'll love biting down to feel the smooth, soft texture that makes taffy so irresistible.This version includes a rich rum taste that's enjoyable for candy lovers of all ages! Every piece includes a bite-sized portion of round taffy candy in white with bold red stripes that run down each side.Our individually wrapped taffy candy stays fresh so you get that same great taste every time you snack. Keep them in the kitchen or hide them anywhere you might experience sweet cravings.Hide a few in your desk drawer, use them to fill the office candy jar or tuck a few in your glove box or pocket! This delightful taffy is also a gorgeous choice for wedding favors and treat bags. Give your guests the traditional taste of rum with the sweetness of quality taffy!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K330944

65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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