Runts - Theater Size - 12ct

Runts - Theater Size - 12ct
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Runts theater boxes are a fun way to enjoy this fruit candy. There are so many reasons to love this Willy Wonka favorite.

Runts are small hard candies that are shaped to resemble their real fruit counterparts. Each package contains brilliantly colored bananas, berries and much more! You'll find classic flavors like lime, strawberry and banana combined with two new flavors: watermelon and blue raspberry!

Our bulk Runts pack contains many individual theater boxes that are ideal for gift giving, events and much more! Make family movie night even more exciting by serving up theater box candy, just like the kind they sell at the cinema concession stands!

Spread the fruity love by giving Runts as Christmas stocking stuffers or use them to add unique style when decorating cakes, cookies and other baked goods. There's so much just one little Runts can do! Also check out our other Willy Wonka theater box candies.

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