Saf-T-Pops Lollipops - 12.5lb

  • $111.99

Letters on every pop and a looped handle for safety!

40 pops per pound (500 total)

Price per pound: $8.96

Product Details

Safety First! Deliciousness and safe snacking are always a priority for these Saf-T-Pop Lollipops. With an ingenious stick that loops around your finger, these pops make it much safer for little ones to snack without the risk of choking.

That means you and your children will have more time to focus on enjoying the delicious, fruity flavors of cherry, grape, lemon, strawberry, apple, and orange. Are you hosting a birthday party for your little one? Do you have a school snack that you're in charge of bringing in? Want to add something safe and tasty to a bake sale? Try these safe suckers on for size and see why they're so yummy and great for every snacker.

SKU: Y342477R

40 pops per pound (500 total)

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