Jordan Almonds White & Pastel - 7lb Bulk

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Elegant and delicious jordan almonds are a must at weddings and classy events!

110 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $7.43

Product Details

Jordan almonds are a must-have favorite at weddings, showers and other important occasions. This classic confection is sometimes called a sugar almond because it consists of an almond which is sugar panned to create a delicious coating and pastel colors. While the Jordan almond may be a popular modern candy, its roots are believed to date as far back as Ancient Rome, where almonds were covered in honey and eaten during festivals.

Our delicate Jordan almonds offer the delightful crunch and sweet candy coating in an assortment of gentle colors. You'll love grabbing a handful to find lavender, pink, white and minty green. Along with shower and wedding favors, our Jordan almonds are also ideal for serving at spring and Easter events. Guests will love the rich flavor and delectable crispness that comes with every bite. Our bulk Jordan almonds offer consistent quality in a candy you'll love to share!

Certified Kosher Candy


110 pieces per pound

Flavor List

Pastel Colors and All White.

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