Screwy Bubble - 12ct

Screwy Bubble - 12ct
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Enjoy bubblegum in a whole new way with Screwy Bubble! This novelty candy is unlike anything you have ever seen. Each comes with a unique dispenser in orange, blue or green.

The base bears the playful Screwy Bubble logo with a twisted shape that's similar to a screw. The middle widens with a classic nut shape (no, not the edible kind, the kind you find in a tool chest).

The top half continues the twisted theme with a transparent cap lined in raised threads. Pop it off and prepare to dispense delicious bubblegum goodness! Our bulk Screwy Bubble box is a great choice for events and parties.

Use them to fill up birthday party favors or hand them out as prizes after games or school activities. Screwy Bubble also makes a delicious stocking stuffer. Keep them at home as a fun treat for the kids or make an event extra special with unusual Screwy Bubble bubblegum dispensers!

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