Milk Chocolate Turkeys 2 1/2-inch - 40ct

Milk Chocolate Turkeys 2 1/2-inch - 40ct
  • $135.99

Chocolate turkeys with a Thanksgiving design and flavor worthy of any cornucopia!

1 ounce per turkey

Price per unit: $3.40

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Product Details

Milk chocolate turkeys feature a Thanksgiving design and flavor worthy of any cornucopia. Each piece contains high quality solid milk chocolate that's shaped into a plump gobbler. A thin layer of decorative foil wrapper covers the outside to maintain freshness and add a festive touch that features a traditional turkey with big tail feathers.

Complete this year's Thanksgiving feast by including these 2-inch milk chocolate turkeys on the dinner table! Use them to add a fun edible accent to Thanksgiving desserts and cookie trays. They also make cute party favors. Just add to a box or bag with ribbon and tags and you have a wonderful gift for friends and family to take home.

Milk chocolate turkeys are also a great filler for November wedding favors. Our bulk chocolate box contains many individual pieces that are convenient for large crowds. Hand them out at community events or give to students before Thanksgiving break!


1 ounce per turkey

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