Semi-Sweet Guittard Chocolate Chips 10,000ct - 50lb

  • $329.99

Rich semi-sweet chocolate chips from Guittard!

10000 chips per pound (500000 total)

Price per pound: $6.60

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Product Details

Right about now you are probably looking at the picture of these Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and you have a million ideas running through your head. How often have you gotten a craving for chocolate chip cookies late at night, but didn't have the most essential ingredient stocked in the pantry?

Well, when you have this huge bulk supply of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips available, there is a little chance of you running out for a long time. Obviously, you can add them to cookies and brownies, but they have so many more uses. Make breakfast a little more exciting by adding them to muffins, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, and even overnight oats.

Use them to top cupcakes, cakes or cheesecakes, and they definitely are the perfect complement to a cold treat, such as ice-cream or frozen custard. Quite honestly, you don't have to actually make something with them at all. A handful of these Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips is all you need to satisfy an afternoon or late-night sugar craving.

SKU: F316265

10000 chips per pound (500000 total)

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