Sen Sen Flakes - 12ct

Sen Sen Flakes - 12ct
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If you love classic licorice, then you must try Sen Sen Flakes! This unique confection is crafted out of little flakes of tasty licorice candy. What's even better is that each "flake" also possesses intense breath freshening abilities.

Use them to satisfy sweet cravings or to freshen up throughout the day. They are easy to enjoy anywhere, whether you're at home, at school, at work or on the go! Our bulk Sen Sen Flakes give you many pouches to eat and share. They arrive sealed so the candy stays fresh. The packaging features a nostalgic design that enhances the snacking experience.

Hide a pouch in your desk drawer, keep one in your glove box in the car or place in a purse or pocket. When you need to invigorate your mouth, just grab your pouch and prepare for the freshness of Sen Sen Flakes! This unique licorice candy also makes a great party favor and gift.

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