Sesame Seed Bars - 24ct

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Packed with savory sesame seed flavor and sugary goodness!

Price per bar: $1.00

Product Details

Cucina & Amore sesame seed bars are an amazingly delicious treat that's also good for you! If you simply can't decide between sweet and salty, you can enjoy both in every bite with these bar shaped confections.

Each is packed with savory sesame seed flavor that's complemented by a touch of sugary goodness. They come individually wrapped so they stay fresh until it's time to snack. Our bulk Cucina and Amore sesame seed bars are an excellent alternative food to chocolaty or overly sugary treats.

Eat better while satisfying your cravings. This Poland-born treat is cholesterol free and gluten free. Take a bite and experience the pleasant crunch and satisfying flavor that taste buds crave. These are very simliar to bulk sesame snaps and are a must-have for daily snacking.

Use them to pack healthier lunches for your family or keep them as a quick and easy after school snack. Sesame seed candy also makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer!

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