Sweetarts Chewy Sour Rolls (aka Shockers) - 24ct

  • $46.99

Formerly ShockTarts and then also formerly called Shockers - still awesome!

Price per roll: $1.96

Product Details

Buzzzzzz! Shock! Electrocute your taste buds with a zap of Chewy Sour Sweetarts Rolls, formerly called Shockers - and also formerly called ShockTarts. Feel like 1,000 volts of sour deliciousness is racing through your mouth with every candy. These amazing little Sweetarts will make you pucker for hours and fall in love with their shocking flavor.

Put some in a Halloween bowl to surprise trick-or-treaters with a sour treat, bring some to a party to amp up the volume of flavors, or even drop some into lemonade to add extra pucker power and sweetness. These chewy, tart candies come in awesome rolls in a display box and pack a seriously electrifying taste.

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