Silver Foil Lemon Hard Candy - 5lb

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65 pieces per pound

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All kids are looking for sunshine, happiness and rainbows in their lives and when they are given Silver Foil Lemon Hard Candy the sunshine is just a shiny wrapper away. It is the wrapper that first draws your attention. Who doesn't like a shiny present? It will be exactly like Christmas morning as you hold one of these lemony treats in your hand and start to unwrap it. As the wrapper is opened it will reveal a bright yellow hard candy treat like you dream about right in your hand.

You might have wondered what sunshine tastes like, but once you try one of the Silver Foil Lemon Hard Candies you will be pretty sure that it tastes a lot like lemon. With a convenient bulk bag of treats there will be enough sunshine to share with a whole office or classroom or people. People can't help but smile and be in a good mood when they eat this delicious treat. This makes it a natural for wedding receptions as all people want to start their new lives with a whole lot of smiles and sunshine.

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65 pieces per pound

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