Silver Gumballs - 2lb

Silver Gumballs - 2lb
  • $13.99

60 pound per pound (2 total)

Price per pound: $7.00

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They're not ball bearings. They're not a rare saltwater pearl. They're not a ball of pure sterling silver. These metallic munchables are our beloved, Silver Gumballs! Coated in a mirror-shine silver, these elegant gumballs are the perfect candy for a sophisticated event.

Use them as table candy at a wedding reception, make a gift basket even more glam, or set them out for Christmas with your other gold decor for a lovely silver and gold combination. Whether you buy them for their look or their possibilities, we're sure that you'll love chewing, blowing bubbles, and getting a burst of fruity, bubblegum flavor with every bite.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: O350280

60 pound per pound (2 total)

Allergen Info

From the manufacturer: "Made in a peanut and tree nut free facility."

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