Silver Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk

Silver Nugget Choco Rocks - 5lb Bulk
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Silver nugget Choco Rocks can't be used to make sterling silver jewelry, but they can be used to spice up snack time! These delicious morsels are gorgeous and completely unique.

Instead of familiar candy shapes, each pack contains an assortment of different pieces that are similar to the natural rock formations found in nature. Along with an organic shape, silver Choco Rocks come in a realistic silver color with appealing texture and a glorious shine.

Bulk Choco Rocks are a great choice for parties and cake decorating. These fascinating confections make it easy to customize baked goods for special occasions. Create a fun cake for a boy's birthday party, complete with dump truck and edible rocks! Each piece includes delicious cacao that's smothered in a solid coating of slick silver.

Add them to bags or boxes to use as party or wedding favors. Let your guests eat rocks - tasty rocks that are full of delicious chocolate!

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