Skittles Party-Size Bag - 50oz

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Let the party under the rainbow begin!

426 pieces per pound (1332 total)

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We get it. You like to ''Taste the Rainbow'' A LOT. Never fear, this jumbo bag of Skittles is here to provide you with countless hours and mouthfuls of fruity escape. With a colorful selection of juicy flavors, you can pack these fruity morsels into a pinata, add them to a stocking, or slip one into your kid's lunchbox for a delicious afternoon surprise.

Skittles have been in the US since 1979 and have evolved into a quirky brand and a household name. Their original flavors of orange, lemon, lime, grape and strawberry got a revamp in 1989 with the introduction of tropical fruit flavors. Since then, 1 new Skittles lines have been created and amazed the mouths of people all over the world.

SKU: F317009

426 pieces per pound (1332 total)

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