Skittles Candy - 50oz Bags

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A chewy, fruity favorite, Skittles offer a rainbow of colors in a crisp candy shell with classic flavors of strawberry, green apple, orange, lemon and grape.

426 pieces per pound (1332 total)

Product Details

We get it. You like to ''Taste the Rainbow'' A LOT. Never fear, this jumbo bag of Skittles is here to provide you with countless hours and mouthfuls of fruity escape. With a colorful selection of juicy flavors, you can pack these fruity morsels into a pinata, add them to a stocking, or slip one into your kid's lunchbox for a delicious afternoon surprise.

Skittles have been in the US since 1979 and have evolved into a quirky brand and a household name. Their original flavors of orange, lemon, lime, grape and strawberry got a revamp in 1989 with the introduction of tropical fruit flavors. Since then, 1 new Skittles lines have been created and amazed the mouths of people all over the world.

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426 pieces per pound (1332 total)

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