Skittles Bubble Gum - 14ct

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Amazing Skittles flavor in bubble gum that will keep you chewing for hours. We bet you never imagined being able to blow a bubble with the amazing flavor of Skittles on your tongue did you? Well, now you can with an order of Skittles Bubble Gum!

Take some to a baseball game to occupy your taste buds during innings. Add a box or two to gift baskets for friends and family. Even keep some in the kitchen for when you crave something oh so tasty without all the calories. Just get to chewing and enjoying when you bring these Skittles Bubble Gum packets home today.

In the zany Skittles laboratory, a monster was born! Well, an extremely tasty and delicious monster. That crafty hybrid that is Skittles Bubble Gum. Combining the class Skittles fruity flavors with chewy bubble gum, now you can enjoy the flavor for even longer!

SKU: WP317247

Flavor List

Original or Xtreme Fruit.

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