Skittles Candy Share Size - 24ct

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A mix of five fruity flavors in a share size bag to enjoy with friends.

Price per pack: $3.21

Product Details

Each package of Skittles is filled with a rainbow of fruity flavors perfectly suited to the chewy, candy-coated texture of these popular sweets, and this bulk box of King Size Skittles offers shareable sizes of the colorful treats for snacking, baking, and gifting.

The King Size pack of Skittles is big enough to last through a whole feature film, or to entertain the whole sleepover with sorting the different colors into separate rows.

Everyone has a favorite Skittles flavor (here is hoping your family does not all prefer the same one), and this box of original-flavor Skittles makes it easy to share the treats on a car trip or for a simple dessert. Tucked into a guests welcome bag, the King Size Skittles provide days of random munching . . . or a single evening of sugary indulgence in the characteristically tart fruit flavors of this bright and beloved confection.

SKU: WP320312

Flavor List

Original or Sour.

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