Skittles Sour Candy Share Size - 24ct

Skittles Sour Candy Share Size - 24ct
  • $84.99

Sour Skittles offer a tart rainbow of fruity flavors, including sour strawberry, green apple, lemon, orange, and grape, in a share size bag.

Price per pack: $3.54

Product Details

Woah. You're moving on up from the lightweight candy category into the heavy weights! The question is, are you ready for the mighty size of these Skittles Sour King-Size? If so, then get ready to put on a pretty pucker for some time to come because these little specks of Skittles also pack a tart punch!

Coated in crystalized sour sugar, your face will squish and your eyes will tear up as soon as one hits your tongue. But don't worry, you'll finish the fight with these King Size Skittles Sours with a win because the sour will turn into the fruity and sweet flavor Skittles are known for. Bring some home today and treat your taste buds to a sour match!

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