Slam Dunk Gumball Dispensers - 12ct

Slam Dunk Gumball Dispensers - 12ct
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Price per dispenser: $1.75

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What could be better than a gumball dispenser? How about one that you can actually play with! Our Slam Dunk gumball dispensers are one part confection and one part fun toy.

Each makes chewing your favorite type of gum even more exciting. Forget about boring sticks and square packages. Our novelty gum dispensers are the best way to chew Dubble Bubble!

Each includes a solid plastic base in assorted colors. The top is clear and features a sloping curve shape that's ideal for gumball tossing. A miniature basketball net is supported inside. A pedal extends from the front, urging you to push it down to pop a gumball up into the net!

An opening below the pedal distributes the dunked gumball so you can celebrate your victory with something sweet and chewy! Our bulk Slam Dunk gumball dispensers include many individually packaged dunking machines filled with smooth Dubble Bubble gumballs!

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