Slapstix Caramel Pops - 24ct

Slapstix Caramel Pops - 24ct
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What could be better than a giant lollipop? How about one that's made with creamy caramel! Our Slapstix caramel pops are a delicious treat that is sure to satisfy your carving for smooth, sweet caramel.

Each piece includes a generous block of confection with a gentle swirl of flavor that's perched on a disposable stick. Enjoy ooey gooey caramel without sticky fingers! If you're looking for a lollipop that's unique and chewy, this is a must-try confection!

Each comes individually wrapped so the rectangle caramel lollipop stays fresh and ready to enjoy. Order boxes for birthday parties, events and more! Everyone will love receiving these at school activities and community events.

Slapstix lollipops also make great stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Whether you're filling treat bags for a birthday party or looking for an easy sweet treat to enjoy at home, you will love the rich taste of caramel lollipops!

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