Slo Poke Bar - 24ct

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For over 80 years, Slo Poke slow eating caramel candy has been an Americna tradition!

Price per unit: $2.08

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If the name is any hint, you should "slow down" and enjoy this delicious caramel candy. That's because Slo Poke Bars are made of incredible salty and sweet caramel that melts in your mouth slowly so you can delight in the flavor for longer.

If you're a fan of caramels, then these Slo Poke Bars are a candy we're sure you'll adore. In a bulk size box, these Slo Poke Bars will provide you with hours of sweet satisfaction. Stock your pantry with some of these incredible caramels to use in baking, give out in gift baskets or enjoy piece by piece. If you're having a stressful day, indulging in one of these bars will surely slow down the pace and help you relax.

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