Smalls Wintergreen Altoids - 9ct

Smalls Wintergreen Altoids - 9ct
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Great things sometimes come in small packages, like our wintergreen Altoids Smalls. These charming little sweet treats may look tiny, but they produce enormous flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. The cool wintergreen taste is perfect for cleansing breath after a good meal. Keep a tin with you so you can freshen up anytime you need to! Each piece lives up to the Altoid name with a curiously strong flavor that's absolutely irresistible!

Altoids have been around longer than many other mint candies. The first version was produced by Smith & Company in London during the reign of King George III in the 1780s. What made Altoids so appealing was the high concentration of peppermint oil used to make them. While some things have changed, today's Altoids still pack a powerful punch of flavor! Our bulk mint pack gives you larger quantities so you can share your favorite wintergreen hard candy at parties, events or at work.

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