Smarties Candy Canes 12pc - 12ct

Smarties Candy Canes 12pc - 12ct
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Smarties candy canes offer a new, festive take on this classic candy. Everyone remembers the disc shaped pieces of Smarties candy they had as a kid. Each piece offered a delicious pressed powder texture in pastel colors.

Smarties candy canes were inspired by that snacking experience. Each piece includes a length of hard candy that's fashioned into a traditional candy cane shape. Instead of bright red stripes, Smarties candy canes offer a beautiful rainbow of pastel colors on every cane! You'll see soft green, orange and red, all twisting around from end to end with bands of white in between.

Enjoy them at Christmas time or use them as a unique filler for Easter baskets! The soft colors blend well with most spring themes. Our Smarties candy canes are sweet, tangy and arrive individually wrapped so they stay fresh until you decide to open them up and take a bite!


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