Wrapped Smarties Pops - 9lb

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Super smart Smarties pops!

56 pops per pound (504 total)

Price per pound: $7.44

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If you ever wished Smarties were bigger, then consider it granted with these Smarties Pops Wrapped Jars! With traditional Smarties candy sized up to lollipop standards and put on a stick, you can munch and crunch on these classic candies in a whole new way.

If you like to mix things up in your candy routine, try these Smarties Pops Wrapped Jars! You can keep them around the kitchen for when you want a sweet snack or to reward a bookworm for a great test grade. You can even order some Smarties Pops Wrapped Jars to sell at concessions stands for school sporting events or give out in goodie bags at parties. Just be smart and order some of these luscious lollipops today!

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56 pops per pound (504 total)

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