Smarties X-Treme Sour - 8lb

Smarties X-Treme Sour - 8lb
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60 packs per pound (480 total)

Price per pound: $3.90

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Prepare your mouth for a sour shocker! These Smarties X-Treme Sour candies are full of a pucker-inducing punch that will make your eyes well up and spill over. Individually wrapped in cellophane, you can enjoy one tart roll at a time or go big by trying more.

Mix some of these Smarties X-Treme Sour candies in with other sweet treats for April Fool's Day and you'll have some unexpected funny faces to laugh at and with. You can even sprinkle some Smarties X-Treme Sour candies into Halloween candy jars for a funny trick or give some out to friends or family members who simply love sour candy. If you're equipped to handle a sour burst, you'll love these Smarties X-Treme Sour candies!

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60 packs per pound (480 total)

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