Smoothie Cup Giant Size 4-Packs - 24ct

  • $65.99

Crunchy peanut butter center surrounded by butterscotch! Giant size 4-packs.

3.2 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $2.75

Product Details

Peanut butter Smoothie Cups are a great way to calm cravings when you don't want chocolate. This classic confection starts with a creamy peanut butter filling. The center is surrounded by a layer of rich butterscotch candy. It's similar to a Mallo Cup, but with a completely different taste! Boyer Brother's have really outdone themselves with this irresistible flavor combination. Our bulk peanut butter Smoothie Cups gives you more pieces for parties, snacking, and sharing.

SKU: C342502

3.2 ounces per bar

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