S'Mores Taffy - 3lb

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65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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There's nothing as delicious as a homemade s'more that's made over a roaring campfire. Our s'mores taffy brings that nostalgic taste to your candy collection!Each piece is round, smooth and oh-so-chewy. Every mouthful combines fluffy marshmallow, graham cracker and milk chocolate flavors into one irresistible confection! You can identify the flavors included just by looking at the 3 layered pattern, which includes dark brown, creamy white and rich toasted brown hues.Our bulk taffy comes individually wrapped so it remains fresh and tasty. The clear wrapper allows the unique pattern to show through so you can admire your candy before you eat it! Order for special occasions like picnics, camping trips, birthdays or save for important events like showers and weddings.Serve them in candy dishes or use them to fill party favors to give your guests something sweet to savor after the celebration! Our bulk s'mores taffy is a one-of-a-kind confection that's sure to please!

Certified Kosher Candy

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65 pieces per pound (195 total)

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