Snickers Almond Bars - 24ct

Snickers Almond Bars - 24ct
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Just when we thought Snickers couldn't possibly get any better, they had to go and blow our minds by inventing these Snickers Almond Bars. Are you ready to explode your definition of delicious and bite down into one of these incredible treats?

Then order yourself a bulk supply of the almond version of the best candy bar today and get ready for an amazing surprise. These bars are coated in melty chocolate and stuffed with enough nougat, creamy caramel and almonds to keep your mouth munching happily for a long, long time.

If you're big into candy bars or baking, order some of these Snickers Almond Bars and break them over the top of cookies, cupcakes and even ice cream sundaes. Or just eat a candy bar whenever you need a complex textural adventure in amazing candy.

Certified Kosher Candy

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