Snickers Bars Minis - 20lb

Snickers Bars Minis - 20lb
  • $194.99

50 pieces per pound (1000 total)

Price per pound: $9.75

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Hungry? Grab a Snickers. A famous slogan by an even more famous candy bar, this classic, Snickers, is now here to fill your tummies with yumminess in a mini bite size portion! Introduced to the world in 1932 by the Mars company, Snickers bars have been satisfying customers around the globe for years and years.

Filled with a creamy caramel, soft, chewy nougat, and big chunks of scrumptious peanuts, this candy has the trifecta of amazing. With these amazing mini chocolate bars packed into every order, get ready to snack happily for a long time. If you have a grumble in your stomach, try these today. Because ''you're not you when you're hungry. ''

SKU: K330504

50 pieces per pound (1000 total)

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