Snickers Creme Pumpkins - 36ct

Snickers Creme Pumpkins - 36ct
  • $31.99

1 ounce per pumpkin

Price per unit: $0.89

Product Details

Snickers Creme Pumpkins offer rich, chocolaty flavor with the candy bar fillings you love. Each piece is round, with a cute Jack-o-Lantern face and subtle pumpkin detailing. The inside is filled with a soft, creamy combination of nuts, caramel and a bit of nougat while the outside is covered in a layer of chocolate. This Halloween candy arrives individually wrapped with a seasonal design.

Make Snickers a part of your autumn celebration with our delicious Creme Pumpkins! These individually wrapped, pumpkin shaped candy bars are a wonderful choice when choosing Halloween candy for the big Trick or Treat night. They also make a fun addition to fall parties and gatherings.

Add a few to treat bags for kids or create a tasty fall party favor that adults will love. Keep things simple by pouring Snickers Creme Pumpkins into a decorative jar or dish to serve guests. Our bulk Snickers pumpkins contain many pieces to eat, share and give!


1 ounce per pumpkin

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