Snickers Fun Size - 15.5lb

Snickers Fun Size - 15.5lb
  • $178.99

The ever-popular Fun Size, perfect for grabbing some hunger satisfaction on the move!

26 bars per pound

Price per pound: $11.26

Product Details

Ready to make a whole party's worth of guests extraordinarily happy? This large bulk bag of individually-wrapped Snickers candy bars serves up the classic combination of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate in the ever-popular Fun Size, perfect for grabbing on the move! A high-quality confection that makes a happiness-inducing handout or lunch box dessert, these fun-size Snickers bars communicate value and indulgence when you add them to a candy buffet or a treat bag.

Snickers candy bars have been successfully advertised as an unusually satisfying sweet snack, and you'll definitely be seeing some sated smiles when you offer up these fun-size Snickers minis on your desk or at your event! These candies' individual (but easy-to-open) packaging and familiar flavor make them a perfect choice for fishing out of bowls or jars, and Snickers bars in bulk make it so easy to offer up candy treats to the hungry attendees craving sweets at any event.

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26 bars per pound

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