Snickers King Size Candy Bars - 24ct

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King size satisfaction in these Snickers!

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King size Snickers give you more of your favorite candy bar in every package! Snickers is one of the most popular confections available today. This savory confection was originally introduced by the Mars company back in the 1930s.

The name was inspired by the Mars family's favorite horse. While many variations have been made, original Snickers is still the preferred candy bar by many candy lovers! Each king size Snickers bar is packed with the ingredients you love. Take a bite and enjoy smooth caramel and creamy nougat along with fresh peanuts and a layer of chocolate.

Our bulk Snickers pack contains many king size bars that are individually wrapped to ensure freshness and flavor. Keep a box in your pantry as a quick snack anytime you're craving something sweet and rich. Snickers bars also make a great stocking stuffer. Give them out as Halloween candy or use as part of this year's Easter basket candy!

Certified Kosher Candy

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