Sno Caps Theater Boxes - 15ct

Sno Caps Theater Boxes - 15ct
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Sno-Caps Theater Boxes are not just for a trip to the movies!

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Sno-Caps Theater Boxes are not just for a trip to the movies. This classic theater candy has a wide variety of uses and make for a tasty treat even with the lights on. Sno-Caps are small chocolate deliciousness with little white sugars to add some zing and resembles the top of a snow covered mountain. Sno-Caps are easy to eat by the handful but even better to incorporate into a variety of party swag and treats.

Sno-caps can easily be added to cupcakes, brownies, and make perfect cake decorations. The candies can be added to ice-cream sundaes and pudding cups for an extra sweet treat. Sno-caps theater boxes can be kept intact and placed in break rooms, classrooms, and make for great fundraisers. Sno-Caps Theater Boxes can also be used for home theaters and theater/movie themed parties. These candies are certified kosher and come in displays of 18 theater boxes.

Certified Kosher Candy

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