Snowman Candy Sticks

Snowman Candy Sticks
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What could be better than sweet chocolate or delicious hard candy? How about a treat that combines both! Snowman candy sticks by Bogdon's are the ultimate treat for anyone who loves mint and cinnamon hard candy but also enjoys rich chocolate.

Each piece starts with a length of tube shaped hard candy in brilliant red. The outside is covered in a luxurious coating of delectable dark chocolate. Lick away at the chocolate then enjoy the long lasting taste of cinnamon or mint hard candy! Bogdon Snowman candy sticks arrive in convenient boxes that are perfect for sharing and gift giving.

Use them as a quick stocking stuffer or wrap them up as part of a larger present. Take them to work to hand out to coworkers during the holiday season or impress clients with a sweet "thank you" for their business. Don't forget to keep a box or two at home for quick snacking!


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