Soda Cans 6-Packs Fizzy Candy - 12ct

  • $25.99

Fizzy soda candy comes in 6-packs of mini soda cans!

Price per 6-pack: $2.17

Product Details

We're "popping" the question. Will you please spend the rest of the near future dining on these Soda Pop 6-Packs Fizzy Candies? We hope you'll say yes, because this soda pop candy is full of sweet flavor and a fun and effervescent fizziness!

Pop the top of one of these novelty soda cans and the fun will begin with every taste. Get ready to host an even better party by serving some of these 6-Packs of fizzy candy alongside your typical refreshments. Guests will love the unexpected fizzle and taste of these amazing treats. So what are you still thinking about? Do yourself a favor and add these Soda Pop 6-Packs Fizzy Candies to your cart.

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