Sorbee Fruit Bursts - Sugar Free - 10lb

Sorbee Fruit Bursts - Sugar Free - 10lb
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Sorbee Fruit Bursts are a delicious treat that offers a sugar free alternative to Starburst type candies. If you love the sweet taste and chewy texture of fruit chews, then you'll absolutely love Sorbee's confections. Each piece is square, forming a solid block of irresistible flavor.

Just like other confections, Sorbee Fruit Bursts come in a rainbow of colors. Each is individually wrapped in colors that hint at the taste hidden inside. Anytime is a good time to enjoy Sorbee Fruit Bursts! Simply unwrap the wrapper and treat your taste buds to all your favorite fruit flavors.

Our bulk sugar free candy assortment gives you plenty of pieces to eat or share. Take them to work to fill up the office candy jar with something that isn't packed with sugar. Use Sorbee Fruit Bursts to create treat bags for kids - they'll never know there isn't any actual sugar used to make each piece!

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