Gimbals Jelly Beans Sour Cherry - 10lb

Gimbals Jelly Beans Sour Cherry - 10lb
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Gimbal's jelly beans offer something for everyone, whether you want a snack that's totally sweet or a bit sour!

This delightful jelly bean combines both flavors so you can spice things up when you're craving something tasty. Each round bean features a brilliant red hue with a smooth surface that adds even more visual appeal. Take a bite and experience the difference a gourmet bean makes.

Each includes a smooth, chewy middle with a juicy cherry flavor that's both sweet and sour! Our gourmet jelly beans give you all your favorite flavors in one convenient package. Never pick through a jelly bean assortment again!

The bright red color also makes Gimbal's jelly beans an excellent choice for cake decorating and candy making. Give them out at Christmas as a stocking stuffer or place in small bags, tulle or boxes to use as edible wedding favors. Take your taste buds on a sour adventure with Gimbal's sour cherry jellybeans!

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