Cotton Candy Gumballs - 850ct

Cotton Candy Gumballs - 850ct
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Elevate your gumball game with cotton candy-flavored Dubble Bubble gumballs! Soft, gluten-free balls of joy boast eye-popping pinks, teal blues, and golden yellows that make a sweet statement in any candy display. Delight your guests with nostalgic flavors that have stood the test of time!

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Make your home feel like a carnival with cotton candy gumballs! Children and adults will love the sweet taste of these chewy confections. There's something uplifting about the taste of classic bubblegum.

This version takes that same memorable experience and adds a carnival bite to make things more interesting. Let your taste buds savor the fun flavor of cotton candy!

This treat includes an orb of gum with a colorful candy shell. This bulk cotton candy gumball assortment features all your favorite hues. Try teal green, gold, hot pink or be adventurous and chew two at a time! Keep them in your candy jar or use them to make unique birthday party favors.

Cotton candy gumballs fit inside most gumball machines so you can use them as refills at home, the office or wherever you keep yours! Our bulk sour cotton candy gumballs give you many pieces to give, share or enjoy!

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