Sour Gummi Geckos - 40ct

Sour Gummi Geckos - 40ct
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Sour gummi geckos are a fun treat for kids of all ages!

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Sour gummi geckos are a fun treat for kids of all ages! These little lizards aren't slimy, but they are full of fruity flavor! Every piece is shaped like a long, curly-tailed Gecko , right down to the round head and little nubby feet.

The chewy candy is colored in many bright colors, including green, red and yellow. The surface is smothered in a sugar coating that adds even more flavor to every bite! Gecko gummy candy is great for any occasion! Keep a box on hand to use in school lunches or as a quick and easy snack at home.

You can make birthday and theme parties even more fun by including these sour little critters with your desserts and other food items. Hand them out to trick or treaters on Halloween or share them as a unique stocking stuffer at Christmas. Kids will love the taste of individually wrapped Gecko gummies!

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