Sour Mini Gummy Burgers Candy - 60ct

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Each sour gummy burger ingredient is a separate piece!

Price per unit: $0.33

Product Details

Burgers for lunch, burgers for dinner . . . burgers for dessert? Yes, indeed! Sour Mini Gummi Burgers, that is. A sweet treat that is themed for barbeques, picnics, and pool parties, but always welcome in back-to-school lunch bags or party favors, these sour gummies are a playful addition to a lineup of chewy candy novelties.

Since they are different but not too toy-like, they are especially good for pleasing teens! The individually wrapped candies are always a favorite in wholesale Halloween assortments, too. Perfect playing-with-your food treats that are stacked high with gummi patties, lettuce, and tomatoes, bulk hamburger candies invite kids (and adults) to take apart the layers and assemble their own sweet sandwiches of tasty gummi candy.

The unexpected sour flavoring also makes these gummi hamburgers a great complement to mixed candy buffets, where they cleanse the palate between more traditional rich delicacies.

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