Sour Neon Night Crawlers - 5lb

Sour Neon Night Crawlers - 5lb
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In the cover of darkness, these little wrigglers creep from the ground to be snatched up by hungry candy lovers! We're talking about our creepy, crawly, Sour Neon Nigh Crawlers and think you'll want to slurp up one after the other once you take one bite. In a bright array of colors, coated in sour sugary crystals, and complete with the chewy gummy texture everybody loves, these little worms are a delight.

If you know someone who loves creepy crawlers, want to gross out a family member who thinks bugs are icky, or just want to bring a delicious element to a Halloween party, then these are the treats for you! We're sure your whole family will ''bug'' you to bring more of these home once you try them!

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