Sour Patch Kids Theater Boxes - 12ct

Sour Patch Kids Theater Boxes - 12ct
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Price per box: $2.42

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Dim the lights. Gather on the couch. And whatever you do, don't forget to bring the Sour Patch Kids Theater Boxes! They're sure to turn any "b" movie into a blockbuster hit because of their chewy gummy texture and oh so sour sugar coating.

Try not to bother your couch buddies while you're watching and indulging in these Sour Patch Kids because they're so sour they'll make you pucker and purse your lips. But if everyone is snacking on these Sour Patch Kids then they shouldn't mind. Order yourself a bulk supply of these theater boxes and give eveyone their own box. Sour little gummies will make your next movie night a major hit!

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