Sour Power Belts - 150ct Wrapped

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Sour Power Belts individually wrapped, choose your favorite flavor!

Price per belt: $0.33

Product Details

With 150 Sour Power Belts in this big bulk supply you will have plenty of opportunity for flavorful fun. These candies were introduced in 1985, and folks of all ages have not been able to get enough of them.

If you love pucker-inducing treats, these Sour Power Belts should definitely be on your shopping list. This box of delicious treats is available in Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon. We recommend getting all four before you drive yourself crazy trying to pick only one.

The belts are about 9-inches long and just under 1-inch wide, so they are pretty much the perfect size. Big enough to satisfy, but not so big you get a tummy ache. Since these Sour Power Belts are individually wrapped you can surprise your kids with them in their lunch box and hand them out at Halloween.

SKU: K327572

Flavor List

Quattro (4-Flavor), Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Green Apple, or Watermelon.

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