Sour Power Straws - 200ct Tub

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Long straws of sour gummy candy!

Price per straw: $0.10

Product Details

If you love the flavor of strawberry, watermelon, or green apple then you will find that these sour power straws will be perfect for you. This candy is long, thin, and straw like in the way that it looks. It has a super sour coating on the outside of it. The straw itself is like a gummy candy. This is great for kids but you will find that adults are likely to want to indulge as well.

You are able to get 200 of these in one tub and this means that you will have plenty for whatever occasion you decide to use them for. People will keep coming back and if you think that you want multiple flavors then you can always take part in trying all the different flavors that are available. They are all tasty and all are sure to please your taste buds as well, while also providing a nice kick for your mouth.

SKU: U318591-CFG

Flavor List

Green Apple, Strawberry, or Watermelon.

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