Blue Raspberry Sour Straws - 15lb

Blue Raspberry Sour Straws - 15lb
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The wonderful flavor of sweet and sour is able to come out when you take part in the sour punch straws that are blue in color and raspberry in flavor. These straws almost resemble rope and they are sour but have a wonderful sugar dusting on the outside of them. You are sure to find that these candies will likely make your mouth pucker when you divulge in them.

You will also find that this is a great candy for children but adults may love the wonderful taste as well. It is fun to take part in a candy that is able to be wonderful in color and then also able to shock your taste buds when you take a bite. Even though you know what you are expecting and that it will be sour it still have the ability to take your mouth completely off guard. This is a great tasting candy for any occasion.

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