Sour Punch Twist Wrapped - 195ct Tub

Sour Punch Twist Wrapped - 195ct Tub
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Ding, ding, ding! Get your mouth to your corner and get ready to face off with the heavyweight sour champion of the world, Sour Punch Twists! They have enough citrus spike to roundhouse kick your taste buds into the ropes and put your mouth down for the count.

But we think you can handle these spunky sours because after the pucker, comes a delicious fruity flavor of either apple, cherry, blue raspberry, and strawberry. Bring some home for your sour lovers to try. See who can out pucker who. Even use them to stir into juices or lemonades to amp up the tart power. See if you can win this round with this giant bucket of candies.

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