Sour Secret Candy Message Maker Gum - 12ct

Sour Secret Candy Message Maker Gum - 12ct
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Pass notes and chew bubblegum with our sour Secret Candy Message Maker! Not only does this novelty candy taste amazing, it lets you send a hidden message that's edible. Each pack includes a plastic top with a colorful dial.

Simply turn the dial to a letter to press that letter into the roll of sour bubblegum waiting inside. Spell out names, words or whole phrases! This unique treat is similar to Bubble Tape, but smaller. Each coil of chewiness gives you lots of space to write messages that you can pass to friends.

Our bulk Message Maker gum box gives you an assortment packages, each equipped with a dial letter maker in yellow, green or blue. Add them to treat bags for kids birthday parties or use them in Easter baskets or Christmas stockings. Children will get a kick out of dialing messages (and practicing their spelling skills) with this sour bubblegum!

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