Spearmint Starlight Mints - 5lb

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A classic concept with a colorful twist!

85 pieces per pound (425 total)

Price per pound: $4.80

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A classic concept with a colorful twist. Try our Spearmint Starlight Mints as a complementary addition to your traditional red and white peppermints. Their cool, sharp spearmint flavor in addition to their lovely green and white coloring contrasts to make them a lovely and refreshing selection for any candy bowl.

Make your holiday gingerbread house extra special with these green and white mints. Or stash some in your purse for a sweet, minty treat. We can't deny the holiday cheer these mints give us and we hope that they will inspire the same, bright happiness in everyone you share them with.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K327575

85 pieces per pound (425 total)

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