Sponge Candy Chocolates - 6lb

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Crunchy molasses sponge candy covered in rich chocolate!

Price per pound: $17.83

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Product Details

Sponge candy chocolates offer a unique texture that's crisp and delicious! This irresistible chocolate candy is unlike any candy bar you have ever tried. Each includes a tapered rectangle shape.

The middle includes a crunchy molasses filling that forms a light, airy arrangement that's similar to a natural sponge. Unlike a natural sponge, these confections taste amazing and will make mouths water!

Along with its golden crisp center, each sponge candy chocolate is covered in a layer of satiny milk chocolate! The combination creates a rich taste that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Our bulk sponge candy chocolates contain many individual pieces that are perfect for special celebrations.

Set them out at holiday parties, picnics and birthdays. They're a light, chocolaty treat for Independence Day but can also make the rounds on Christmas. Sponge candy chocolates are simple yet elegant enough look right at home on dessert tables at showers and weddings.

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Flavor List

Milk or Dark Chocolate

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