Spree Candy - 36ct

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Sprees are shiny colorful candy discs from Heaven!

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It is a dilemma as old as Spree candies themselves: eat just one and enjoy its sweet-and-sour flavor individually, or snack your way through the whole roll?

The carefree name and colorful purple-based packaging make it no surprise that Spree is one of the Willy Wonka Candy Company confections, and there are some sweet tooths among us who feel that the candy disks unique texture and bold flavor make them the best. This box of bulk Spree rolls offers the colorful sweets in a convenient form great for traveling.

Each cylindrical package is a party favor or picnic dessert in itself! The bright colors of this oh-so-simple sour sweet are instantly appealing to kids - and nostalgic to those who grew up in the days of rainbow confections gorgeously assorted in sweet-shop jars.

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